How do I launch the Resource Planner from the Project Center?

It is possible to launch the Resource Planner from the Resource Center, the Project View Form, and from the Project Center. This lesson covers launching the Resource Planner from the Project Center (Edit Resource Plan).

Note: You must have permissions to launch the Resource Planner (Project Manager, Resource Manager, or Site Collection Administrator) to launch the Resource Planner.

1. Click Edit Resource Plan

  1. In the Project Center, click the ellipsis dots of the project name.
  2. Click Edit Resource Plan.

2. Resource Planner will Load Maximum of 120 Calendar Periods

When the Resource Planner launches, it will only show a maximum of 120 calendar periods at once.  

If more than 120 calendar periods are available to load, the Resource Planner will load the first 120 calendar periods.  In that scenario, the following message will appear as the Resource Planner launches.

"You have selected more than 120 periods in the view.  To improve performance we have limited the amount of periods loaded.  Please ask your administrator to change your view to show less than 120 periods to avoid this message in the future."

3. View the Resource Planner

  • View the Resource Planner and the split screen (top and bottom).



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