How do I launch the KanBan Planner from the Project Center?

The KanBan Planner can be launched from the Project Center via the ribbon or the ellipsis menu. This article covers launching the Issues Status KanBan Planner using via the ellipsis menu.

1. Navigate to the Project Center

  • Click the Projects link on the Navigation Menu.

2. Select Edit Plan

  1. Click the ellpsis dots.
  2. Select the Edit Plan option.

3. Select the Issues Status KanBan

  • Select the Issues Status KanBan.

Note: The Default Planner check box is available but it is not recommended that you check the Default Planner box here as this will limit the access to just the other available planners. If you accidentally check this box, the Issues KanBan Planner will launch when you click Edit Plan. To remove the default planner follow the steps available in How do I use a workflow to remove the default planner?

4. View the Issues Status KanBan

  • View the Issues Status KanBan.



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