How do I launch the Assignment Planner from the Resource Pool?

The Assignment Planner enables you to see all the work a resource(s) is working on within one window. The Assignment Planner can be accessed through Edit Team or the Resource Pool. This article covers launching and viewing the Assignment Planner from the Resource Pool.

1. Select Resource Name(s)

  1. Check the box to the left of the resource name(s) you would like to view in the Assignment Planner.
  2. Click the Tools Menu.

2. Click Assignment Planner

  • Click Assignment Planner.

3. View the Assignment Planner

  • View the Assignment Planner.

Note: The green bars on the bottom (right side) of the screen show the hours the resource is working on a task within the span of the task duration and indicate that the resource is not over allocated.  Any red bars would indicate that the resource is working more than the normal eight hours thus reflecting some over-allocation.  The Assignment Planner pulls from the Task List and Issues List, so what users can do depends on the permissions they have for tasks and lists (issues if they have Contribute Permissions).   Resource Managers or Project Managers that are added to the project team can publish via the Assignment Planner.



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