How do I know if Resource Negotiations is enabled?

This lesson displays the tools and columns available when the Resource Negotiations feature is enabled.

Note: To enable this feature, please see your site collection administrator.

View the Resource Negotiation Options and Columns

View the Resource Negotiation Options and Columns
  • View the Resource Negotiation options and columns. The tools that are available in the Resource Planner when Resource Negotiations is enabled include the following buttons: Except, Reject, History, and the Cancel button. Also visible are both the PM and RM columns.

In some organizations, the Department Manager may be referred to as a Resource Manager. For purposes of this guide, the terms are interchangeable. Resource Negotiations is a feature used in larger organizations where there are both Department Managers and Project Managers. In Resource Negotiations, the Project Manager creates the necessary Resource Commitments within the Resource Planner and then the Department Manager assigns the appropriate Named Resources to those existing Resource Commitments. With Resource Negotiations, a Resource Commitment is not complete until both the Project Manager and Department Manager Accept the Named Resource that has been assigned and the allocation of the resource (whether in hours, FTE, or FTE percent).



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