How do I flag an item in My Work?

The Flag field is available for a user in their My Work page. Each user may use the flag field as needed per their own method for managing their work assignments. The field is not viewable outside of the My Work page. A typical use of the flag is to note importance on an item(s). Once items are flagged, the user can sort, filter, group, and otherwise adjust their views based off the flag field. This article shows the steps involved in flagging an item in My Work.

Navigate to My Work


From the My Workplace icon, click the My Work link.

Flag Items

Flag Items
  • Click the flag to the right of the item name to note the item as flagged. The flag will turn red after clicking the grey flag.

Filter Flagged Items

  1. Click the View tab
  2. From the Show Me options, select the Flag option.
  3. Display Flagged/Not flagged list of items.

View the List of Flagged Items


View the list of Flagged items.



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