How do I enter work hours in the Project Planner?

The Work column may or may not be auto-calculated, based on your site's configuration. 

If Calculate Work is enabled: Work is assumed once a resource is added to a task. Work is auto- calculated based on duration, hours per day, and number of people assigned. The default number of hours for one day is typically set to 8 hours, but may vary per your site configuration. Work will be re-calculated any time the number of resources assigned changes.

If Calculate Work is disabled: The Work column will not change, regardless of duration or resource(s) assigned.  The Project Manager will need to manually enter the total number of Work hours for the task.

Regardless whether Calculate Work is enabled or disabled, changing Duration does NOT affect the work column.  If the duration is changed after assigning a resource, then a manual change will be needed to update the work hours.  

However it is possible to enter hours for work. To do so, use the Work Column. This lesson covers entering work hours for tasks in the Project Planner.

1. Select the Task

  • Select the task where the work hours are to be entered or changed.

2. Enter the Work Hours

  • Click in the Work field grid and enter / update the work hours for the selected task.

Note: WORK is populated automatically when you assign a resource(s) based on duration for the first time. However, the work (effort) can be totally independent, if desired. Duration is just a window of opportunity to get the assigned task done. Work (Effort) is the hours needed, but the idea here is that the PM may give a resource 5 day window to get a task done, all along knowing the effort of the task will only require 12 hours of work. Thus, the PM can adjust the work (effort) and the two columns work independently.

3. Click Save

  • Click Save. The work hours for the selected task are updated.

Note: If the project is schedule driven, the Project Work value will be the sum of the "Work" column from the task plan (MS Project or Project Planner). If the update method is manual, the Project Work field is an editable field.



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