How do I enter a duration for a task in the Project Planner?

This lesson covers entering a duration for a task in Project Planner. All durations for tasks are entered in "days" and represent "working days". Working Days are configured for the whole site collection by the Administrator on the Regional Settings page.  Typically, working days are Monday to Friday.  For example, if you enter a duration of "2" for a selected task, then Project Planner will calculate 2 working days for that task. If that same task happens to start on a Friday, then it will not be completed until Monday, since Saturday and Sunday are considered "non-working days" typically.  Though, your site may have different "working days."

1. Select the Task

  • Select the task where a duration is to be entered or changed.

2. Enter the Duration

  • Click in the duration field and enter the duration for the selected task.

Note: The duration field can include partial days (e.g. 1.5 days = 12 hours of work). The default number of hours for one day is set to 8 hours. Work will only be calculated the first time you assign a resources. If the duration is changed after assigning a resource, then a manual change will be needed to update the work hours.

3. Click Save

  • Click Save. The duration for the selected task is updated.



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