How do I edit an alert?

If an alert has been set, changes can be made to the alert by using the Manage My Alerts option. This article covers editing an alert on a task.

1. Click the Items Tab

  • Click the items tab. For this example, we are in the Project Center, but these steps can be followed from any Items tab where Manage My Alerts is available. The Manage My Alerts page will display the  items (libraries, files, lists, and items) for which you receive alerts.

2. Select Manage My Alerts

  1. Click the Alert Me menu located on the ribbon.
  2. Select the Manage My Alerts option.

3. Click the Alert Name

  • Click the name of the alert to be edited.

4. Edit the Fields

  1. Edit desired fields.
  2. Click OK. You have now completed the process of editing an alert on a task.



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