How do I create and save a view in the Project Planner?

It is possible to create, save, rename, and delete a view in the Project Planner. This lesson covers creating and saving a view in the Project Planner.

1. Click Select Columns

  • Click the Select Columns button under the Views tab.

2. Check the Boxes

  1. Check the boxes to the right of the column to be added to the view. Un-check those you wish to exclude.
  2. Click OK.

3. View the Added / Removed Column(s)

  • View the added and/or removed column(s).

4. Click Save View

  • Click Save View to save this view.

5. Enter a Name for the View

  1. Enter a name for the view.
  2. If desired, check from the Default View box.
  3. Click OK.

6. Click the Current View Box

  1. Click in the Current View box.
  2. Note the saved view is listed.



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