How do I create a workspace from the Project Center?

There are a few ways to create a workspace. A workspace can be created from a list as long as the Create Workspace option is enabled in the list settings. This article covers creating a workspace from the Project Center and editing the team for the workspace from the Navigation Menu.

1. Navigate to the Project Center

  • Click the Projects link on the Navigation Menu.

2. Click Create Workspace

  1. Click the ellipsis dots of the project name.
  2. Click Create Workspace.

3. Select the Desired Template

  1. Select the desired template.
  2. Click Create Workspace.

Note: The Online options are the templates displayed above. The Local options are the templates that your site collection administrator has saved for use within your organization.

4. View the Notification Number

  • You will be notified via the Notifications box and via an email upon successful creation of your workspace.

5. Click the Notifications Number

  • Click the Notifications number and view the message. You can navigate to the workspace from this message or from the Workspace links on the Navigation Menu.

6. Click the Notifications Message

  • Click the project workspace name.

7. View the Project Workspace

  • View the Project Workspace name in the blue banner bar.

8. Edit the Workspace Team

  1. Click the ellipsis buttons to the right of the workspace name in the Navigation Bar.
  2. Click the Edit Team option.

9. Add Team Members to Workspace

  1. View the inherited team members.
  2. Check any additional resource names and click the Add/Remove button to edit the workspace team.
  3. Click Save & Close.

Note: The team from the top of the site collection will automatically be added to this workspace team as the workspace inherits the team when the workspace is created from the list item. It is from the workspace level that the team can be edited for this workspace.

10. Navigate to the Resources Center at the Workspace Level

  • Click the Resources link on the Workspace Navigation Menu.

11. View the Resources

  • View the filtered resource list which  displays only those that have been added to the project team.



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