How do I create a new project item from the Create New Menu?

The Create New Menu makes it possible to quickly add a List App (e.g. Issue, Project,Task, etc) or Library App (e.g. Project Document & Site Pages) without having to navigate to the specific list or page. This article covers creating a project item from the Create New Menu.

1. Click the Create New Button

  • Click the Projects link on the Navigation Menu.
  • Click the Project link.

Note: The Create New Menu is site/workspace specific. Thus, the available options are based on the apps (lists, libraries, etc.) that have been added to that particular site.

2. Enter the Project Name

  1. Enter the project name.
  2. Complete additional fields.

Note: The required fields indicated with a red asterisk must be completed prior to saving.

3. Complete Additional Fields

  • Complete additional fields.

4. View the Type-Ahead Feature

  • The type ahead feature functions differently in the 5.x version. Once you start to add the letters in the resource name, a type ahead drop down list appears with resource options.

5. View the Budget and Planned Benefits Fields

Note: If you are using the Enterprise version, the Budget and Planned Benefits values should be entered in the Cost Planner.

6. Select from the Menu Options

  • Select the appropriate options. Each of the fields displayed above, make up the prioritization score. Select an option from each drop down menu.

7. Select the Project Update Method

  • Select the Project Update Method.

Note: The "Manual" option allows managers to manually enter project information. The "Schedule Driven" option will update project fields from the Online Planner or Microsoft Project schedule. With the Manual Project Update method selected, the following fields are editable:

  • Project Start
  • Project Finish
  • Project Actual Start
  • Project Actual Finish
  • Project Work
  • Project Actual Work
  • Project Actual Cost
  • Project Percent Complete

8. Click Save

  • Click Save.

9. Click the Close Button

  • Click Close.

Note: When adding a new item from the Create New Menu, upon saving you will be redirected back to whatever page you were on when you clicked the Create New button.



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