How do I create a general (isolated) workspace?

It is possible to create a separate workspace for you and your team members to use for collaborating. This article covers creating a workspace from the Icon Bar. This workspace is a separate workspace as it is not connected to any specific project item or a list.

1. Click the Workspace Button on the Icon Bar

  • Click the Workspace button on the Icon Bar.

Note: Verify your current location by viewing the blue banner bar prior to creating a workspace.

2. Click the New Workspace Button

  • Click the New Workspace button.

Note: The New Workspace button is visible by all except Team Members.

3. Enter the Name of the Workspace

  1. Enter the workspace name.
  2. Add a description. The description becomes the site decription on the homepage of the workspace.
  3. Select the Private or Open option.
  4. Select the desired type of template.
  5. Click Create Workspace.

Note: The Private option keeps the workspace private and others need to be invited to the team to have access. The Open option allows anyone with has access to the parent site to view the workspace. Online are the templates provided by EPM Live. Local is pulling from your site collections workspace template gallery.

4. Wait for Notification of Successful Workspace Creation

  • Wait for notification that the workspace has been created.

5. Click the Notifications Button

  • Click the Notifications button to view the message indicating your workspace is ready.

6. View the Workspace from the Navigation Menu

  • View the workspace from the Navigation Menu.



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