How do I create a document library folder at the workspace level?

It is possible to create and delete a document folder at the workspace level. When a document folder is created at the workspace level, the documents added to this folder are workspace specific. In a Project Workspace, the Associated Items documents are the documents from the top level (no folders). The only time you should create folders is in a document library that's created directly in the workspace. In this case, if the workspace is connected to the project, then the documents are also connected, but are only accessible by navigating to the workspace directly.

1. Navigate to the Workspace

  1. Click the Workspace icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click the name of the workspace.

Note: To navigate to a workspace the Workspace Icon Bar and Navigation Menu can be used.

2. Click the Shared Documents Link

  • At the workspace, click the Navigation Menu and and select the Shared Documents link.

3. View the Shared Documents

  • View the Shared Documents. Note: This document can only be viewed from the workspace.

4. Create a Folder

  • Click the New Folder button in the ribbon to create of folder.

5. Title the Folder

  1. Add a title.
  2. Click the Save button.

6. View the Folder

  • View the folder. Open the folder to upload documents into this folder.



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