How do I build a project team?

The Team feature allows for item level permissions to be granted within a List App. For example, a team of users can be added to a specific project. When enabled, this will allow users to build the team on items in this List App. When using Build Team on the Project Center List, two things happen: The Online Planners will look to the item's "team" for who can be assigned to items in the plan, and (2) The Resource Planner has an option to view "Team Resources", which looks to the item's team.

When the Enable Team feature is enabled on the Project Center List, once a project is created, three groups are created based off the project item name (Item Owner, Item Member, & Item Visitor). Thus, after creating the project, the next step is to build the project team. After resources are added to the project team, the Project Manager will be able to assign them items in the project schedule. Building a team is possible from the Project Item, Project View Form, from the Ellipsis Menu, from the Workspace Menu, Favorites Lists ellipsis dots and from inside the Project Planner. This article covers building a project team for a project in the Project Center.

1. Click Edit Team

Click Edit Team
  1. From the Project Center, click the ellipsis dots of the project name for which a team will be built.
  2. Click Edit Team.

1.1. Edit Team Queue Message

Edit Team Queue Message

Note: When a new project is created, the build team security groups are created. It can sometimes take up to a minute. If the Project Manager selects Edit Team before the groups are completed, they will see the message above. If this message appears, click OK, wait a little while, then try Edit Team again.

With Build Team enabled on the Project Center List, when and a project is created, the following three groups are created based off the project item name:

  • Project Item <Name> Owner
  • Project Item <Name> Member
  • Project Item <Name> Visitor

2. Click Add

Click Add
  1. Check the boxes to the left of the resource name under the Resource Pool that you would like to add to your team.
  2. Click the “Add” button located in the middle.

Note: If the project has a saved resource plan, the saved public resources will be visible in the team (Build Team), however no permissions will be assigned. The Project Manager will still need to update the permissions column for the resources on the team.

2.1. Team Members View

Team Members View
  • Team Members do not have access to add or remove members from the project but can view the team.

3. Click Save & Close

Click Save &amp; Close
  1. Click in the Permissions column and select a permission level from the list.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Click Save and Close.

Note: Permissions are as follows:

  • Owners: All Rights  - Any name entered into the Planners field must have Owner permissions in order to access the Online Planner & edit the project item.  Any name entered in the Project Manager field must also have Owner permissions in order to launch the cost & resource planners for the project.
  • Members: Viewing Rights of the project, contribute/edit permissions to project child items (ex: tasks, risks, etc.)
  • Visitors: Viewing Rights of the project, viewing permissions to project child items




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