How do I attach an item to a change?

When creating a list item in EPM Live, an item can be attached. An attachment is a file that you attach to an item. An attachment is just that- it is attached to a list item. When attachment are enabled in a list, then whoever has access to view the list item, can then view the attachment.

The icon for an attachment is a paper clip, and that’s just what is done when using it: paper-clipping another document to an item you’ve got in a list. Whereas, uploading just means moving a file from the computer you are working on up to the web. Once a list item has been added in EPM Live, items can be attached to the list item and easily viewed. This article covers attaching a document to a Change item in the Changes List.

1. Navigate to the Changes List

  1. Click the Navigation button on the Icon Bar.
  2. Select the Changes link on the Navigation Menu.

2. View the Item

  • Select the desired Change item and from the ellipsis menu, click the Edit Item option.

3. Click Attach File

  • Click the Attach File button.

4. Click Browse to Locate the File

  • Click the Browse button.

5. Click Open

  1. Select the file to be attached.
  2. Click Open.

6. Click OK

  • Click OK.

7. Click Save

  1. View the attachment.
  2. Click Save.

Note: When Build Team and Build Team Security are both enabled, only those resources who have been added to the item groups will have access to view and/or edit that item.



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