How do I add or remove a column and save a view in the Resource Planner?

It is possible to create and save a view in the top and bottom part of the split screen window within the Resource Planner. This lesson covers using the Select Columns feature to add and remove columns from a view and saving a view in the top section of the Resource Planner.

1. Click Select Columns

  • Click Select Columns (e.g. top of split screen).

2. Check the Boxes

  1. Check the boxes to the right of the column to be added to the view.
  2. Un-check those you wish to exclude.
  3. Click OK.

3. View the Columns

  • View the added and removed columns.

4. Click Save View

  • Click Save View to save this view.

5. Enter a Name for the View

  1. Type the name of the view.
  2. If desired, remove the check from the Default View box.
  3. Click OK.

6. Click Current View

  • Click in the Current View box and note the saved view.



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