How do I add a time off request?

My Time Off list is used to manage a list of Time Off requests. It is a central location for your team members to enter, submit, and view Time Off requests. Time Off requests can be added in the Time Off List or from the Create New button on the Icon Bar. This article covers entering a Time Off Request from the Create New button on the Icon Bar.

1. Click the Create New Icon and Select the Time Off Link

  • Click the Create New icon and select the Time Off link.  

2. Enter Time Off Request

  1. Enter a title.
  2. Complete all required fields.
  3. Enter additional information.
  4. Click Save.

3. Navigate to the Time Off List

  1. Click the My Workplace Icon.
  2. Select the My Time Off link.

4. View the Time Off List

  • View the Time Off list.

5. Change Views

  1. Click the List tab.
  2. Change the view to All Time Off Request (Calendar).

6. View the Calendar

  • Click the List tab.
  • Change Views to Calendar. View the calendar.

7. Time Off in Resource Analyzer

Time off hours can be displayed in the Resource Analyzer as seen above.



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