How can I reply to a comment in the Social Stream?

The Social Stream, (which may be visible on the Homepage or on any page where the administrator has added the Social Stream web part. The Social Stream enables users to ask and answer questions quickly and collaborate with other team members. The Social Stream on the Homepage displays all items a user has access to in EPM Live. This includes comments, tasks, projects, issues, documents, and more. The Social Stream is used to quickly add items, view newly added items, and to promote collaboration. This article covers viewing and replying to comments in the Social Stream.

1. View the Social Stream

  1. View the Social Stream. The Social Stream web part can be added to any page in the EPM Live solution.
  2. Click in the "Add a comment" box.

Note:  All user sees General comments (Share). However, each user will see comments for an item appear on his/her Comment Stream when:

  • That user created the item.
  • That user is assigned to the item.
  • That user was added as a follower in the Comments CC field for the item.
  • That user previously added a comment to the item.

Note: You can only delete the comments that you create.

2. Add a Comment

  • Add a comment and click Post.

3. View the Thread

  • View the comment thread in the Comment Stream. Click the item title link to launch the item View Form.

4. View the Details

  • View the item details.



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