Introduction to EPM Live 2016 - Power User Guide

This guide includes articles for the applicable features and settings available to Power Users in a workspace (sub-site). The Power User is the Administrator of his/her workspace, so this guide includes mostly how to manage the settings and configuration of workspaces.

1. Who is a 'Power User'?

A Power User is someone who has the permissions/access to create workspace (sub-sites) in EPM Live. The Power User can then manage his/her own workspace as the owner of that workspace site. The workspace owner can edit the look & feel, change settings, add Apps, and more. In other words, the Power User is the Administrator of that workspace.

2. Granting Power User Permissions

From the Top Level: The permission level needed to create workspaces in EPM Live is commonly the Contribute2 permission level. For example, Project Managers, Portfolio Managers, Executives, and Resource Managers may have Contribute2 permission level, so those who are in those groups can create workspaces.

From within the Workspace: The Workspace owner may grant another on the workspace to have Owner permissions.



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