Where are the EPM Live Analytics Reports?

This article shows how to access the Reports page for Advanced Reporting. The advanced reports are the reports created and viewed as part of Analytics.

Terminology Note: The EPM Live Analytics feature was formerly referred to as Upland Analytics.  Please understand these terms as both referring to the same feature of EPM Live.  The EPM Live product may still have the Upland Analytics label, but is planned to be updated to EPM Live Analytics in a future product release.

Version Note: EPM live Analytics is a third party reporting tool embedded into EPM Live.  As such, the versions of the Analytics feature are separate than EPM Live versions.

1. Navigate to Reports Page

  1. Select the Navigation icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. On the Navigation Menu, under the Projects Community heading, select Reports.

2. Open Advanced Reporting

Click the Advanced Reporting button.

3. View & Manage Reports

Please refer to the Analytics Guide for all instructions regarding viewing, creating, and modifying the Analytics Reports.



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