What is the Work Queue Page?

This article explains the queue status messages you can see from the Work Queue page.

1. Navigate to Work Queue

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Utilities heading, select Work Queue.

2. Timer Jobs Data & Status Details

This page shows all jobs on the EPM Live Timer Queue.  This is also referred to as the WorkEngine Timer on the server (for on-premise customers).  The page shows all items for one week.  The following information shows:

  • Job Name: Display the Job Name.
  • % Complete: how much job complete that displays in percentage.
  • Job Status: Displays job status like "Complete", "Processing" & "Queued".
  • Created Date: Displays Created Date of Job.
  • Started Date: Displays Started Date of Job.
  • Finished Date: Displays Finished Date of Job.
  • Status: Displays jobs error status like "Errors" or "No Error".
  • Error Description: if there is any Error then displays the error message. 

3. Example Timer Jobs Shown in the Work Queue

This is a list of some of the jobs that run on the EPM Live Timer.

  1. List Data Cleanup: Reporting database cleanup
  2. Performance Publish: Each project plan that publishes from Microsoft Project using the Performance Publisher will show here as Project Publish_Project Name.
  3. Notifications: The daily notifications email to users with work assignments.
  4. Timesheet Cost Timer (aka EPK Synch): The Timesheet Cost Timer is applicable if you are using the Cost Management and Timesheets features of EPM Live.  This job copies timesheet hours from the EPM Live database to the PortfolioEngine database and converts the hours to cost (based on the resources' rates).
  5. Reporting Refresh All: The daily job that updates the Timesheet Data table, the PortfolioEngine database tables, the security table, and deletes subsites in the Reporting database.
  6. EPM Live Upgrader: When a new version is released, the site is upgraded and the Timer is run to finalize the upgrade updates.
  7. Issue Snapshot: Taking a snapshot of a list for the purpose of report
  8. Install Work Events: When a list is enabled as a work list, some event handlers are added to the list that tie to Complete, % Complete, and Status fields.




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