What is the Portfolio Queue?

This article will show you how to view and manage the Portfolio Queue, also referred to as the Job Queue or Queue Manager. This page is useful when troubleshooting. The Portfolio Queue is a queue of all Cost Posting that is taking place for the Cost Types in EPM Live.

1. Navigate to Job Queue

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Utilities heading, select Portfolio Queue.

2. Check the Heart Status

  1. Click the Heart Check button to verify that the Queue is working properly.
  2. The Heart Status will show.
  • When the heart is RUNNING, the Queue Manager is running as scheduled/configured.
  • When the heart is NOT RUNNING, there is an issue with the Queue Manager.  In this scenario, no Cost Data will post to the Cost Types in EPM Live.

To resolve/repair the Heart (if needed):

  • If you are an online/SaaS customer, please contact EPM Live Support to request that the Queue Manager be restarted for your Site App.
  • If you are an on-premise customer, go to the PortfolioEngine Queue Manager, and restart the Timer Service.

3. Test and Refresh Queue

  1. Test: Click the Test button to test the status of the Job Queue.  This will add a new row to the queue.
  2. Refresh: Click the refresh button to refresh the status.  This may be for the test that's running, or to refresh to see what jobs have entered the Queue.  When the test is complete, the newly added row will update with the status and comment.



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