What fields are available in the Reporting Database tables?

This article explains the reporting fields available in the reporting tables in the EPM Live Reporting Database, also referred to as the EPM Live Content Database.

1. LST Tables

The LST Tables are the List Tables.  Typically all fields in the list would be mapped for reporting, and therefore, those fields would have data in the database.  

Note: The field names that show in the Reporting Database are the INTERNAL field names.  If you are trying to find a field for reporting, you may need to verify that field's internal field name on the field settings page.  Refer to the article "How do I find a field's internal field nName?" for instructions how to verify a field's internal field name: click here.

2. Reporting Table Fields

To configure which fields within the LST Tables will be mapped, select the check boxes for those fields.  By default, when a List App is initially mapped, all the fields in that List App are automatically mapped.  On the Reporting Settings page, the field's display name shows (as opposed to the internal field name).  



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