Planner Settings - Adding a New Online Planner Template

This article shows how to add a new template to the Planner Templates Document Library. This lesson is specific to a template for an Online Planner such as the Project Planner or Project Agile Planner. You may create a template plan from any existing plan. Any project manager and/or planner who can manage plans in the Online Planner can create Planner templates.

Note: This article uses the Project Planner as an example, though any Online Planner template may be created using the following steps.

1. Navigate to Project Center

  1. Select the Navigation icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. On the Navigation Menu, under the Projects Community, select Projects.

2. Open the Project Plan

  1. Select the Project from which you want to create a template plan. Note: If no Projects exist yet, create a new Project.
  2. In the Items Ribbon Tab, select Edit Plan for that project.

3. Select Planner

  1. Check the box for Use as default planner only if the selected project's default will be the Online Project Planner. Otherwise, leave unchecked. If checked, the next time a user selects Edit Plan, the selected planner will automatically open as that project's default.
  2. Select the Project Planner.

4. Build/Modify Plan

Complete the task schedule and additional information to be used in future schedules. This will be the information used in the template. For more information about creating or modifying a Project Plan using the Online Project Planner, please refer to the EPM Live User Guide.

On the Project Ribbon Tab, click Save as Template.

5. Save Template

  1. Enter the Template Name.
  2. Enter the Template Description.
  3. Click the OK button.

6. Template Saved Message

Click the OK button.

Once the template is saved, you can choose whether or not to save the current plan as the selected project's plan.

7. Navigate to Planner Templates

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Planner Settings heading, select Planner Templates.

8. View New Template

Navigate to the Planner Templates Document Library. All saved Templates will show. Once there is at least one template for the Planner, a "Blank Plan" will also show.



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