How do I save and upload reports into the EPM Live Report Library?

This articles shows how to save and upload your custom report into EPM Live.

1. Save Local Copy of Report

When working on the report, save a local copy. This is important whether you are updating/modifying an existing report or building a new report from scratch.

  1. Open the Report Builder drop down menu.
  2. Select Save As.

2. Save Report

  1. Save the report to your desktop or somewhere else on your client machine.
  2. Name your Report. Note: It is recommended that each report's name is clear to the type of reporting data for the users launching the report. Also, each report should have a unique name in your EPM Live Site App.
  3. The report will save as file type .rdl.
  4. Click the Save button.

3. Navigate to the Classics Reports Library

Under the Enterprise Reporting Heading, open the Report Library.

4. Open Library Folders for Desired Report Location

5. Go to Projects

6. Upload Document

On the Documents Ribbon Tab, select Upload Document.

7. Select the Report to Upload

  1. Click the Browse button. Navigate to the location where you have your report saved.
  2. Click the OK button.

8. Complete Form with Report Details

  1. Content Type: Select Report Builder Report.
  2. Name: The file name for your .rdl report file will populate automatically.
  3. Title: Enter the Title for your Report, as it will appear to the end users when they run this report. You may give your report a different title than its file name.
  4. When finished, click the Save button.

9. Confirm Your File is Uploaded to the Report Library

10. Test Run Your Report from Report Library

Click the name of your report., which is a link to launch the report.

Select any parameters (if you added any).

Click the Apply button, if applicable.

11. Test Run Your Report from Reports Page

Navigate to the Reports Page.

Expand the Folders, as applicable.

Select the new Report name to run it.

Verify that the report runs correctly.



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