How do I run the Setup Wizard?

When a new EPM Live Site App is created, the Setup Wizard runs to guide you through some important settings for use.  There are also some administrative actions taking place behinds the scenes for your site creation, so it's very important that the Setup Wizard be run at least once.  The Setup Wizard can also be run on-demand at any time.  

Some important actions that take place when the wizard runs:

  • All reports in the Report Library (Classic Reports) are updated with your Site Collection's Reporting Database as their Data Source.
  • Two new permissions groups are added to the Resource Pool: Report Writers & Report Viewers (for EPM Live Analytics reports).

1. EPM Live Setup Wizard

After creating your Site App, you will be prompted to run the EPM Live Setup Wizard.  Click the Next button to get started.

1.1. Step 1: Reporting Setup

The Setup Wizard next creates the data source to be used for the SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) reports.  This step also maps the Site App to the Reporting Database, which allows your List Apps and features use the Reporting Database as their Data Source.  

1. Reporting Details & Credentials

  • For on-premise environments, input the username and password for the account with access to the SQL database. Enter the Username and Password of the account that will be used in the data sources for the SSRS reports.  Be sure to select the "Use as Windows Credentials" box if using the web application account in the format of domain\username.  Alternatively, a SQL account can be used instead, so that the EPM Live End Users (typically a site collection administrator) can create their own adhoc SSRS reports.  This way, the service account and credentials would not have to be given to the end users, nor do the end users need direct access to the reporting database.  Instead, the SQL account credentials would be given.  A SQL account is better for security reasons and administration overhead.   If using a SQL account, do NOT select this checkbox, and ensure that the account specified has at least datareader permissions to the reporting database as well as execute permissions for all the stored procedures that have the "dbo." prefix.   
  • For hosted/online environments, this data will auto-populate with the reporting details for the Site App.  The boxes are grayed out and un-editable, as the information is already populated for you.  

Note: This part of the Setup Wizard configures the SSRS reports in the Report Library by updating the data source in each report to be the EPMLiveReportDB specific to your Site App.  

2. Click the Next button.

Note:  If needed, you can also click the Back button to go back to the previous Setup Wizard step.

1.2. Step 2: Services Setup

  1. Notifications Service Run Time: Click the drop down menu to select what time the Notificationsshould run.  The Notifications Service will run daily at the specified time to send notification emails to users, based on the settings configured with the Notifications Settings page.  If you set the time for the Notifications Service, you must also go configure the Notification Settings page in order for them to work.  For more information on the Notifications Service, see the Notifications Service article.
  2. Reporting Refresh Run Time: Click the drop-down to determine what time the Reporting Refresh should run.  This service will run daily at the time you specify and refresh your reporting data tables, which includes the timesheet table, portfolio cost and resource tables, security table.  Also, large content that was deleted won't delete until the Refresh is running to reduce performance issues, such as list deletion or workspace deletion.
  3. Click the Next button.

2. Wizard Complete


Finish: Click the Finish button to allow the wizard to finish completely (do NOT just click the X button to close the window).

3. Setting Up Site In Progress

4. Return to Setup Wizard

If you need to re-run your Setup Wizard, select Setup Wizard link from the Settings Gear Navigation Menu.



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