How do I run the Reporting Refresh?

This article will show you how to schedule & run the Report Refresh. The Reporting Refresh should be scheduled to run once daily, and can also be Run Now when needed. In order for data and reporting to accurately be aligned, the Reporting Refresh must be scheduled. For this reason, scheduling the time is also part of the Setup Wizard.

Note: The Reporting Refresh is a separate feature from the Cleanup All.

1. What does the Reporting Refresh Do?

When the Reporting Refresh runs, the following takes place. If you need the following, you would run/schedule the Reporting Refresh.

  • Updates all data from the EPM Live DB to the Reporting DB (EPM Live Content DB) … populates the "TS" Table. This includes all timesheet data.
  • Updates all data from the PortfolioEngine DB to the Reporting DB (EPM Live Content DB) … populates the "EPG" Tables This includes all portfolio cost & resource data.
  • Updates Security Table (a table that shows which users are in which groups)
  • Deletes lists & Workspace Sites from the Reporting DB (EPM Live Content DB). This is because deleting an entire list, library, or workspace does not immediately get deleted from the Reporting DB for performance purposes.

2. Navigate to Reporting Settings

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Enterprise Reporting heading, select Reporting Settings.

3. Open Refresh Schedule

Under the Settings drop down menu, select Refresh Schedule.

4. Reporting Refresh Schedule

  1. Select Time: Select a time for the Reporting Refresh to run each day. This time should be set to a time when your system will be idle or close to idle.
  2. A Last Run time stamp & results will show for the last time the Reporting Refresh ran.
  3. View Log: Click the link to open the log for the last run Reporting Cleanup.

Important Note: During the time while the Reporting Refresh All is running, certain data may be unavailable. This is especially true for the List Apps that use the Reporting Database (aka the EPM Live Content Database) as the Data Source.

5. Reporting Refresh Log

The Log will include the following information when completed successfully.

"Completed processing security groups for site: Site URL" This means the Security Table was updated.

"Processed Timesheets" This means the TSData (Timesheet) Table was updated.

"Processed PfE Reporting: STATUS" This means the EPG Tables were updated.




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