How do I manage security for the Resource Pool?

This article explains some recommendations for security in the EPM Live Resource Pool (Resources List App).

1. Navigate to Site Libraries and Lists

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under either the Resource Management heading, select Site Libraries and Lists.

2. Select Customize Resources

The Resource Pool is built from the Resources List. Click the link for Customize "Resources". This will navigate to the List Settings.

3. Open List Permissions

Under the Permissions and Management heading, select Permissions for this List.

4. Set List Permissions to Unique

  1. By default, the Resource Pool is a List App that inherits permissions from the Site App level. When viewing the List Permissions page, select Stop Inheriting Permissions.
  2. Click the OK button to confirm.

Recommendation: Change the permissions to Unique. This will allow you to configure the access and actionable permissions users have in the Resource Pool. You can update the security to allow only certain groups Contribute access - those who will add and modify resources in the Resource Pool. The other groups, you can specify what level of permissions, whether Read access, etc.

5. Build Team Options Based on Resource Pool Permissions

The users who have access to add resources to the Resource Pool (based on the previous step above) will be able to select the Add Resource Button in the Build Team feature and have a pop up window to create a new resource. Those who don't have access to add resources will still see the button, but nothing will happen when they click the button.



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