How Do I Manage My Purchased User Licenses? (Online Customers)

This article explains how to view and your purchased EPM Live user licenses.  This article is applicable to online customers.  

1. Navigate to EPM Live Account Settings

  1. Open your Profile Menu.
  2. Select EPM Live Account Settings.

2. Manage Account Window

  1. The number of purchased licenses will show.
  2. Click the User Accounts tab to see all users taking up a purchased license.

2.1. User Accounts

All named users who are using a purchased license will show on this page.  The total number does NOT show here.  This is just list of the users.  You will see their name, email address, and username.  

2.2. Free up a User License

To free up a user license, delete the user from this page.  Note: This does NOT delete the user from your EPM Live site collection's Resource Pool, so no historical data or assignments are lost.  This removes their access to log in to the site collection, meaning the License Type field will change to No Access.  When the license is no longer in use, you can add another new resource to the Resource Pool.

  1. Select the drop down menu for the user whose license you want to remove.
  2. Click Delete User.
  3. Click OK to confirm.

3. See Number of Licenses Used

Create a new resource in the Resource Pool to see the number of licenses used and the total number available.



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