How do I manage community level security?

This article explains how to limit the navigation links and Community Dashboard homepage that a user may see.  This helps with usability for your users by hiding information/links that may not be relevant to them.

Note: By hiding a community from certain groups does NOT hide the content from those users.  The community security merely reduces the navigation links in the Navigation Menu. Users can still access the data via the Site Contents page and going to the URL directly.  To limit access to data, you would configure the security within the specific lists and libraries.

1. Navigation Menu Example

This Navigation Menu has two communities showing.  This article will explain how to hide the Senior Management community from all user groups except those in the Executives group.

2. Navigate to the Hidden Installed Applications List

The Installed Applications list is a hidden list.  To navigate to it, enter the following into your URL after your site name: /lists/installed applications.

Ex: applications.

3. Find the Desired Community

All the apps that are installed into the site will show on this page, including communities and apps.  The communities have more metadata than the apps.  Hover over the name of the community to show the contextual menu.

4. Edit Permissions

  1. Click the drop down menu.
  2. Click Shared With. Since Installed Applications is a list, the security settings follow those of any other list in the system.  The rest of the steps in this article follow the same as managing list item permissions with unique permisions.

4.1. Click Advanced

Click Advanced.

4.2. Stop Inheriting Permissions

By default, each community inherits permissions from the parent site. You would change the community to be unique permissions, and then select which groups should/shouldn't see the communities.

4.3. Make Security Changes as Desired

  1. Select the check boxes for the groups to change permissions.
  2. Click Remove User Permissions.

4.4. Confirm Permissions Change

Click OK to confirm removing the permissions to the community.

4.5. Updated Permissions

The groups from whom permissions were removed will no longer show on the page.

5. Navigation Menu Updated


This is the updated Navigation Menu (as seen by someone with Project Manager permissions), without the Senior Management community showing.  



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