How do I Install Timesheets?

This article will show you how to configure your EPM Live Site for the Timesheets feature.

1. Add Timesheets App

From the EPM Live App Marketplace, add/install the Timesheets App. For the current version of EPM Live, the App will install Timesheets 2.0.

When the Timesheets App is installed, note the following in your site:

  • The Timesheet Settings Admin Menu becomes available on the Settings Gear Navigation Menu.
  • There is a List App called My Timesheet with 3 views: My Timesheet, Project Manager Approval, and Timesheet Managers Approval. When a user opens up their personal timesheet, they open the My Timesheet View.
  • The My Timesheets Web Part is called My Timesheets.
  • A link called Timesheets, which points to the My Timesheet View, is added to the Quick Launch in the selected community during the install.
  • Timesheets cannot be used until at least one timesheet period is defined on the Timesheet Settings page.
  • There are some new fields added to the Resource Pool when the Timesheets App installs. See Below.

2. Timesheets App Added

  • When the Timesheets App is installed, a link to the My Timesheet page will appear in whichever chosen Community, such as Global My Workplace.
  • When the Timesheets App is installed, The Timesheet Settings Menu appears on the Settings Gear Navigation Menu.

3. Resource Pool Updates for Timesheets

When the Timesheets App is installed, note the following three fields are added to your Resource Pool (Resources List App):

  1. Timesheet Administrator Checkbox: This is a Yes/No checkbox to indicate whether or not the user is a timesheet administrator. When this attribute is selected for a resource, that resource will now be able to view all data related to the Timesheets and run the timesheet reports, regardless of that user's permissions for sites within the site collection
  2. Timesheet Delegate: The resource's timesheet delegate can fill out and submit the timesheet on behalf of the resource.
  3. Timesheet Manager: If Timesheet Approvals are enabled, then the timesheet manager will review and approve each timesheet for the resource. Usually, this would be the Resource Manager and/or Department Manager, depending on your organization's responsibilities and management.



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