How do I enable Work Log in List Apps?

This article shows how to create the Work Log field in a List App that is also a Timesheet List App. Note: Before users can use the Work Log field, the Timesheets also need to be enabled on the List App. Also, Timesheet Periods have to be defined for the Site App.

Follow these steps for any List Apps for which users should be able to track time for their Timesheets into the Work Log (ex: Task Center, Risks, Issues, etc.).

1. Navigate to the List Settings

  1. Open the List Ribbon Tab.
  2. Select List Settings.

2. Create New Column / Field

Under the list of columns, click the Create Column Link.

2.1. Configure New Work Log Column

  1. Column Name: Enter the column name as WorkLog (one word without spaces).
  2. Column Type: Select the Work Log Timesheet Entry option.

Note: It is recommended to create new List App Columns as one word without spaces. This will be the Internal/Back-End Field Name. Then, the Display Field Name can change, but the Internal Field Name will always remain the same.

2.2. Column Settings

  1. Description: Enter an optional field description.
  2. Require that this column contains information: select No.
  3. Enforce unique values: select No.
  4. Add to default view: Set the box as unchecked.
  5. When finished, click the OK button.

3. Save New Column

When finished, click OK.

4. Open the New WorkLog Field

Open the WorkLog Field.

4.1. Update the Column Name

Update the Column Name to Work Log (with space), for a cleaner Display Name.

If needed, update or delete the Column.

When finished, click OK.

Note: After you create the Work Log field, you may want to arrange the order of columns/fields on the List App. Users may now enter time on items using the Work Log feature.



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