How do I enable Timesheets in List Apps?

When Timesheets are enabled on a List App, the following takes place:

  • Two fields are added to that List App: Timesheet and Timesheet Hours.
  • The List App is added to the Timesheets Lists section of the Timesheet Settings Page.

Follow these steps for any List Apps for which users should be able to track time in their Timesheets (ex: Task Center, Issues, Backlog, etc.)

1. Navigate to the List Settings

  1. Open the List Ribbon Tab.
  2. Select List Settings.

2. Open General Settings

Under the General Settings heading, open the General Settings (EPM Live) Link.

3. Enable Timesheets Check Box

Check the box to Enable Timesheets for the List App. Then, click the Save button.

Note: Any List App that will be used as a Timesheet List also needs to be checked as a Work List and enabled for Reporting (mapped to the Reporting Database). This is because the Timesheets feature uses the Reporting Database (aka EPM Live Content Database) as the Data Source. Also, the items that get tracked in the Timesheet also pull from the Work Settings Page, therefore the List App is enabled as a Work List.

4. Navigate to the Manage Editable Fields Page

Under the General Settings heading, open the Manage Editable Fields (EPM Live) Link.

5. Configure Editable Fields for Timesheet Hours

Configure the Manage Editable Fields so that the field Timesheet Hours Field is editable Never. The timesheet hours are only to be entered directly into the user’s timesheet, not when editing the Work Item (task, issue, etc) directly. Then, click the OK button.

Note: For more information on Manage Editable Fields, see the article List Settings - Configuring Manage Editable Fields.



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