How do I enable Performance Publisher?

Performance Publisher is a feature of Project Publisher to publish project schedules from Microsoft Project in a manner that is faster and more efficient than before.  It’s enabled by default – nothing needs to be done.

1. How the Performance Publish Works

  • Not using Performance Publish - each task gets sent to the server one at a time.
  • Using Performance Publish - the XML for the whole schedule goes to the server & goes to the EPM Live Job Queue.  The project manager doesn't have to wait for the publish to finish.  This is especially more efficient for large project plans.

3. Customers Upgrading from EPM Live 2013

If your site collection was created prior in EPM Live 2013 (v5.6.7 or earlier) and then upgraded to EPM Live 2016, you may need enable the Performance Publish feature.  This is done by adding a new property to the site collection property bag.  To do so, contact the Support team for assistance.  They will provide the necessary instructions and property.



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