How do I create and manage workspace templates?

This article shows you how to manage the Template Gallery for additional workspaces in EPM Live.  EPM Live is designed so that the bulk of the data, and all enterprise data resides at the top level site (a single site, flat hierarchy).  Then, additional workspaces can be created as sub-sites for additional collaboration and project teams.  If your organizational needs require this configuration of a multi-tiered hierarchy of sites, the Template Gallery would be where the workspace template for your additional workspaces would be managed.

There are two primary business cases for having workspaces:

  • A workspace can be created as an isolate site for a team to work and collaborate.  
  • A workspace can be created for a specific item, such as a project or a product.  Then, that workspace is linked to the item, and can be managed from the top level or from the workspace.

EPM Live provides a number of workspace templates online, which populate the "online gallery."  Workspace templates saved to the Workspace Template Gallery are also saved to the “local gallery”.Refer to the General Settings page to set whether or not users will see the online gallery and/or the local gallery when they create a new workspace.

Note: For additional configuration options that pertain to Workspaces and Workspace Templates, refer to the article System Settings - General Settings.

1. Navigate to the Template Gallery

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Configuration heading, select Workspace Templates.

2. Create a New Site Template


Click the New Item button.

2.1. Select the Template to Use to Create the New Site App Template

To create a new workspace template, select a site to use and build your template from.

First, browse from the following options:

  • Online Gallery: Selecting this gallery will direct you to EPM Live’s Online Template Gallery.
  • Local Gallery: Selecting this gallery will direct you to your site’s existing Template Gallery.  The Local Gallery is blank on a brand new Site App, and can be populated with personalized templates.
  • Solution Gallery: Selecting this gallery will show you the available solutions, some of which are native SharePoint & some are available from EPM Live.  This option will likely not be used as often for online customers.  On-premise customers may have uploaded SharePoint sites into their solution gallery already, and can select them here.
  • Existing Workspace: Selecting this gallery will give you the ability to create a template based off of an existing site (such as another workspace) in the Site Collection.

2.2. Select the Template to Use to Create the New Site App Template

  1. Browse/filter for the desired template.  
  2. Select the desired template from the Available Templates section.
  3. Enter the Template Name.
  4. If desired, click the More Options button.  If not, click the Create button.

2.3. More Options (Optional Step)

By selecting the More Options button, you are able to modify the URL of the new Template site.  To follow best practices, EPM Live recommends that any spaces or special characters be removed from the URL.  

  1. Review the URL, and update if needed.  By default the URL will match the template name (with the spaces removed).
  2. If needed, click Change Parent Site to change the parent site for this Template Site.  Other sites in the Site App will be available for selection.
  3. When finished, click the Create button.

2.4. Template Creation Processing

The new workspace template site is being created.  This step may take a few minutes.

2.5. Modify Template Site Details

  1. URL: Verify the URL & URL description for the workspace template.
  2. Description: Enter the workspace template description.
  3. Template Type: Select whether this Template will be available for the filter for Workspace, or Department.  The typical choice will be workspace.  You would only choose Department if you are creating Department sites.
  4. Active:  Select whether this workspace is active or not.  Non-active workspace templates will not show in the local gallery when users are creating new workspaces.  Leave this as unchecked while working on the Template site, while it is a draft.  Then, check the Active check box when it's ready/complete.
  5. Include Content: Check the box to include content when users create a new workspace based off this template.  It is recommended to keep this checked, so that settings, items, reports, etc. are included in the new workspace.
  6. When finished, click the Save button.

3. Navigate to the Template Site

To view the Template details, select the Template.  Then, select View Item or Edit Item to view or edit the Template details.  

To open the Template site, select the Template URL description, which is the URL link.

3.1. Note Template Designation Message

If your site is set to NOT use Live template, the Template site will have the following message in a yellow message bar on the top of the page.  Note, if your site is set to use Live Templates, there's no need/option to save or not.  It's the live site.

  1. Attention: This site has been designated as a Template Site.
  2. Last Saved: There will also be a time stamp for the last saved time.  
  3. Save Template:  Click the Save Template link to save this Template's latest changes into the Template Gallery.  

3.2. Save Template

Click the Save Template button to confirm that you want to save the template, which replaces the existing template with the latest changes. This may take a minute.

4. Site Saved as Template Successfully

Click the Close button to return to the Template site.

5. New Workspace Creation

Now, when a user creates a new workspace, your saved template will be available in the local gallery.



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