How Do I Create a New Site Collection? (On-Premise Customers)

The article shows you how to create a new EPM Live Site App, also referred to as a Site Collection. A Site App is a new site which will be completely separate from any current site apps you may be using. A Site App is a new "top level" site, different than other Apps, which would be added into existing EPM Live Site Apps. This lesson applies only to On-Premise Customers.

Note: This article has the recommended approach for creating new EPM Live Site Collections. Using this method ensures that the EPM Live templates, settings, security groups, etc. are set up correctly in the new Site Collection. It is not recommended to use the standard SharePoint method of Creating a Site Collection.

1. Open SharePoint Central Administration

From the Server Start Menu, select SharePoint 2013 Central Administration.

2. Open General Application Settings

Under the Central Administration Heading, select General Application Settings.

3. Create Site Collection

Under the WorkEngine Administration heading, select Create Site Collection.

4. Enter New Site Collection Information

  1. Web Application: Verify the Web Application for this new Site Collection. Change the Web Application if needed. It is recommended that EPM Live have its own Web Application.
  2. Title: Enter the Site App's title. The title will be displayed on each page in the site.
  3. Description: Enter the Site App's description.
  4. Web Site Address: Specify the URL name and URL path to create a new site, or choose to create a site at a specific path.
  5. Solution: Select the desired Site App template. If unsure about which template is right for your solution needs, please visit the App Marketplace for more information about EPM Live's available Site Apps.
  6. Primary Site Collection Administrator: Specify the administrator for this site collection. Only one user login can be provided; security groups are not supported.

Note: The Application Name (Title) & Description can be changed later after the site is created. The URL for your Site App can NOT be changed.

5. Enter Reporting Database Information

To use the EPM Live Reporting Solution in your new Site App, fill out the Reporting Database details. If you skip this step, you can come back later and manually add a mapping. For additional information, see the additional article for Mapping your Site to the Reporting Database.

When finished, click OK.

6. New Site Successfully Created

When your new Site App Collection is created, you will be prompted to return to SharePoint Central Admin by clicking the OK button or to open your newly created Site Collection by clicking the URL link.

The first time you open your newly created Site App, you will be guided through the Setup Wizard. For more information, please see the additional article for the Setup Wizard.



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