How do I create a new cost type?

This article explains the main steps how to create a new cost type.  For more detailed instructions for each step, refer to those corresponding articles.  

Essentially, you would create a new cost view and then select that cost type to be shown in the cost view.  To be able to see the total value entered for that cost type, a field must be created in both the PortfolioEngine database and the EPM Live list (ex: Project Center).  The fields have to be mapped for the value to sync from the PortfolioEngine database to the EPM Live list.

1. Open Cost Types

Navigate to the Cost Types page.

1.1. Create New Cost Type

Click Add to create a new cost type.

1.2. Configure Cost Type Settings

Select the desired cost type settings.  Click Save when finished.

2. Open Cost Views

Navigate to the Cost Views page.

2.1. Modify Cost View

Modify the cost view that you use in your cost planning list (typically Project Center).

2.2. Add Cost Type to Selected Box

  1. Select your cost type from the Available Cost Types box.
  2. Click the > box.
  3. Your cost type will now show in the Selected Cost Types box.
  4. Use the up and dn boxes to arrange the order of the cost types.
  5. Click OK when finished.

3. Create Cost Type Total Field Portfolio Field

Navigate to the Portfolio Fields page.

3.1. Configure New Portfolio Field

  1. Entity: Select Portfolio
  2. Typically the name of the field would be the same as the name of the Cost Type.
  3. Field Type: Cost (optional calculation).
  4. Click Save when finished.

4. Open Cost Types

Navigate back to the Cost Types page.

4.1. Set Cost Type Total Field

  1. Select your newly created cost type.
  2. Click Cost Totals.
  3. Select the Total Field drop down menu.
  4. Select the Total Field.  The Total Field will be the field you just created on the Portfolio Fields page.
  5. Click OK when finished.

5. Create Cost Type Total Field in List

Navigate to the list when you are doing cost planning (ex: Project Center).  

Click Create column.

5.1. Configure New Field

Configure your new column/field.  Enter your field name.  To be consistent, name the field the same as your cost type and the PortfolioEngine database total field.

6. Open PortfolioEngine Settings

Now that the fields exist in both the PortfolioEngine database and the EPM Live/SharePoint list, the fields now must be mapped so data will successfully sync between them.

Click PortfolioEngine Settings (EPM Live).

6.1. Map Total Field

Select the drop down to map the two fields.

7. Verify Configuration

To verify configuration, launch the cost planner for an item in your cost planning list (ex: project).  You should see your newly created cost type in the cost planner.  Add costs and save the cost plan.

7.1. Verify Cost Total

View the item.  The total from the cost type should show in the new field.



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