How do I create a custom field in EPM Live to be used with Microsoft Project?

The Project Publisher Custom Fields list includes many of the out-of-box Microsoft Project fields for purposes of mapping and publishing such project fields to an EPM Live site. However, if a desired field does not exist in the default Project Publisher Custom Fields list, you can create a custom Microsoft Project field and then publish that data to your Project or Task Center list in EPM Live. This article covers how to create the custom field in the Task Center in an EPM Live site which can be mapped to a Microsoft Project Schedule.

Use Case: Your organization would like to track the type of tasks being assigned in your project schedules. Thus, you as the site collection administrator need to create this custom field in the Task Center, as it currently does not exist. Once you have created this custom field, best practice is to notify your Project Managers of the new custom internal and external field name so that they can use this in their Microsoft project schedules. This article is using Task Type as a custom field example, but this could be any custom field for your organizations use.

1. Navigate to the  List settings in the Task Center

Open the  List settings in the Task Center.

2. Create Column

Under the Columns heading, click the Create column option.

3. Add Internal Field Name

  1. Add the internal field name (back-end field name) that will match up to the name in Microsoft Project. It is important to verify that this name is currently not being used as another field name in Microsoft Project.
  2. Select the type of task.
  3. Add the choices. If desired, add a blank line to ensure an empty line is available as an option. OK.

4. View the Internal Field Name

View the added custom field displaying the back-end field name.

4.1. Update/Rename the Internal Field Name

Click the title of the field and add the new desired name and then click OK.

Note: When creating columns/fields in a List Apps, it is important to be consistent with the internal field names, also referred to the back-end field names. The internal field name is the initial name of the field when it is first created and saved. Once a column is created, it may be renamed to something more meaningful to the user. This new name is the Display Name of the Field.

4.2. View the New Display Name

View the new Display Name of the field. Note: the original internal field name never changes.

Best practice is to next update the mpp. file that is found on the Planner Templates page. Once this is updated with this new field, notify your Project Managers that this new field (Internal Field Name and and the Display Name) is now available for tacking purposes.





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