How do I configure the Prioritization Score calculations?

This article shows how to configure the Prioritization Score Calculations and Settings.  The Prioritization feature is a combination of business driver choice fields and score calculation fields.  There is an App in the EPM Live App Marketplace for Project Prioritization, which adds the Prioritization Fields and settings to the Project Center List App.  Alternatively, the concepts and fields described can be applied to other List Apps as well.

1. Navigate to the List Settings

Navigate to the List App.  

  1. On the View Toolbar, select the Settings Gear.

2. Business Driver Fields

The following business driver choice fields are used for calculations.  Additional business driver choice fields and/or changes to the available choices can be created/done in the List App as well.  Based on the out-of-box configuration of the Prioritization App, the users would select from the available choices for the following fields:

Strategic Alignment:

  • Not Aligned to Corporate Business Objectives
  • Moderately Aligned to Corporate Business Objectives
  • Strategically Aligned to Corporate Business Objectives

Cost Reduction:

  • No Cost Reduction
  • Cost Reduction of less than 10%
  • Cost Reduction by 10% - 35%
  • Cost Reduction by 35% - 60%
  • Cost Reduction by 60% - 100%

Improve Employee Satisfaction:

  • No Employee Satisfaction
  • Moderately Increases Employee Satisfaction
  • Greatly Increases Employee Satisfaction
  • Significantly Increases Employee  Satisfaction


  • No Risk
  • Minimal Risk Impact
  • Moderate Risk Impact
  • High Risk Impact
  • Severe Risk Impact

3. Business Driver Calculations

There is a calculated field for each of the business driver fields.  If you added any new business drivers, or if you changed the existing business drivers, be sure to update the formulas within the calculated field settings for those business drivers.  The calculations are done with a conditional formula.  

An example of the formula logic is as follows: If the selection in the Risk field is "No Risk," the Risk Rating is 100.  If the the selection in the Risk field is "Minimal Risk," the Risk Rating is 75. And so on.

  • Strategic Alignment Rating
  • Cost Reduction Rating
  • Employee Satisfaction Rating
  • Risk Rating

4. Prioritization Calculation

The numeric values from each of the business driver calculations (the Rating fields) are multiplied by a weighted percentage.  You can adjust the weights to meet business processes as needed.  Also, if you added a new business driver and that business driver's calculated rating, be sure to include that calculated score into the overall prioritization formula.

Example Prioritization Formula: =([Strategic Alignment Rating]*0.25)+([Cost Reduction Rating]*0.25)+([Employee Rating]*0.25)+([Risk Rating]*0.25).  To update the weightings, change the percentages for the drivers' rating value.  By default in the Out-Of-Box solution, there are four business drivers, which each have a weight of 25% of the total score.

Note: The weighted percentages must add up to 1.00 (100%).

5. Projects Sorted by Prioritization Score in Project Center

The End Users will see their selections for the business drivers, and the calculated Prioritization Score in the Project Center.



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