How do I Configure the Kanban Board Planner?

This article shows how to modify the settings for the EPM Live Kanban Board Planner, used for visually planning and statusing work.

Note: The Kanban Board Planner may be configured for use with any list in EPM Live, as applicable. This article explains the configuration example of the Project Center with Issues List Apps, for planning and statusing the project issues.   Another example would be on the Products and Features List Apps, for planning and statusing the different features for a product.

1. Navigate to Planners

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Planner Settings heading, select Planners to open the page for managing all Planners.

2. Add New Planner

Click Add New Planner.

3. Enter Name, Description, and Icon

  1. Planner Name: Modify your Kanban Board name.
  2. Planner Description: Enter a Planner description.
  3. Planner Icon: Enter the URL for the icon, if desired.  The icon would first need to be uploaded into the Site Images Document Library.  Then copy & paste the URL for that image into this field.

Note: It's very important to be detailed with your Kanban Board's name & description.  When users are launching a specific Board and/or toggling between multiple Boards, they need to understand what type of data will be viewed.

4. Select Planner Availability

Planner Availability:  Select the Kanban Board check box for how this planner will be used.  This setting drives which feature launches when the users select this planner.

5. Disable Child Parent Capability

Note: The Child Parent Capability is no longer applicable (has no functionality), therefore it is recommended to always leave this feature as Disabled.

6. Select Source & Task Lists

  1. Source List:  Select a list from the drop down as the Source List.  This is also referred to as the Parent List.
  2. Task List:  Select a list as the Task List.  This is also referred to as the Child List.
  3. Lookup Field:  Select a field that will be used when looking up from the selected Task List to the selected Source List.  

Note: Using the EPM Live Planners allows for planning to be done on more than just projects.  For example, another applicable use of this setting would be to create a Program Planner, so that high level Program milestones could be planned.  In that scenario, the Programs would be the Source List, a Program Tasks List would be the Task List, and there would be a lookup field from the Program Tasks List to the Programs List with a field called Program, or something similar.

7. Select Status Column

Select the Status Column.  The select field's choices will show as the vertical columns along the top of the Kanban Board.  Any field that is a choice field in the Task List selected above will show as an available Status Column.

8. Select Filter Column

Select the Filter Column. The field selected will be available for the users to filter which items are visible for planning and statusing.

9. Select Item Status Values

Select which fields will be the available columns in the KanBan Board.  The values shown in this setting are the choice values from whichever field was selected in the setting above as the "Status Column."

  1. Select a field value.
  2. Select the arrow buttons to add or remove columns in the Kanban Board.

Note: Regardless of the order you select the Status field values, the columns that will show in the Kanban Board itself will be ordered left to right based off the order of the choice values in the Task List's field settings.

10. Select Title Column

Select the Title field to show in each card.  

11. Select Additional Columns

Select up to 3 additional fields for data to show in the item square.  These fields are in addition to the item's title.

  1. Select a field value.
  2. Select the arrow buttons to add or remove the fields' data in each card.

Note: Move the fields in the order that you want them listed as columns from top to bottom (below the Title).

12. Save and Close Planner Settings

When finished, click Save Settings.



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