How do I configure the document library Advanced Settings?

This article explains the available setting options in the Advanced Settings page in document libraries.

1. Navigate to the Library Settings

Navigate to the Library App.  

  1. Select the Library Ribbon Tab.
  2. Select Library Settings.

2. Open Advanced Settings

Under the General Settings heading, click Advanced Settings.

3. Allow Management of Content Types

Specify whether to allow the management of content types on this document library. Each content type will appear on the new button and can have a unique set of columns, workflows and other behaviors.

4. Select Template URL

If you'll use document templates, type the address of a template to use as the basis for all new files created in this document library. When multiple content types are enabled, this setting is managed on a per content type basis.

5. Opening Documents in the Browser

Specify whether browser-enabled documents should be opened in the client or browser by default when a user clicks on them. If the client application is unavailable, the document will always be opened in the browser.  In other words, if your SharePoint environment is SharePoint Enterprise, shall documents open in the web browser version (ex: Excel Services) or in the desktop application (Ex: Excel application).  Unless you have Excel Services configured on your server, it is best to choose Open in client application.

6. Custom Send To Destination

Type the name and URL for a custom Send To destination that you want to appear as an option for this list. It is recommended that you choose a short name for the destination.

7. Allow for Folders

Specify whether the "New Folder" command is available. Changing this setting does not affect existing folders.

8. Allow Search

Specify whether this document library should be visible in search results. Users who do not have permission to see these items will not see them in search results, no matter what this setting is.

9. Reindex Document Library

Click the Reindex Document Library button to reindex all of the content in this document library during the next scheduled crawl.

10. Offline Client Availability

Specify whether this document library should be available for offline clients.

11. Site Assets Library

Specify whether this library should be presented as the default location for storing images or other files that users upload to their wiki pages.

12. Quick Edit

Specify whether Quick Edit can be used on this document library to bulk edit data.

13. Dialogs

If dialogs are available, specify whether to launch the new, edit, and display forms in a dialog. Selecting "No" will cause these actions to navigate to the full page. Dialogs may not be available on all forms.

14. Click OK to Close

When finished, click OK.



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