How do I configure the daily Notifications email?

In this article, you will learn how to configure the notification settings within EPM Live.  The Notification Settings are available to be configured only by the Site Collection Administrator.  This once-daily email notification is separate from the immediate email & general notification number that is configured in each List's General Settings.

1. Navigate to Notification Settings

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Collaboration Settings heading, select Notification Settings.

2. Specify Run Time

  1. Select Time: Select the time that the Notifications Email should be sent each day.  To disable the Notifications, select Disabled.  This is currently aligned to server time, not site Regional Settings time.
  2. Status: The Status will display if there are any errors encountered while running the notifications.
  3. Last Run: The Last Run timestamp will display when the notifications were last run.
  4. Log: If any errors are shown in the Status section, click the View Log link.

3. Configuration Notification Email

  1. Enter a valid email address that will be in the From field of the daily Notification email.
  2. Enter the Email Subject.
  3. Enter optional notes to go in the email body, if desired.

4. Select Users

By default, all users in the Resource Pool are included to receive the notifications email.  As the administrator, you may select one or more users to not receive the notification email.  Also, any user may opt themselves out of the notification email.  If a user opts out, his/her name will automatically be moved to the section for Users opted out of notifications.

Manage the users that will no longer receive email notifications from the list on the left by selecting the name(s) and clicking the Add > or < Remove buttons.  

  1. To opt someone out select the user(s) from the left side.  
  2. Click the Add> button.

4.1. User(s) Opted Out of Notifications

5. Save Notifications

At this point, if any changes have been made, save those changes.  Then, return to the Notifications Setting page if you will be configuring any changes to the sections below.  If you don't save before modifying the sections, any changes will be lost.

6. Modifying Sections

In the List Settings section, click on the Section Name to get a drop down menu to either Delete Section or Edit Section.  

Also, select Add Section. Within Add or Edit Section, enter or modify the Section Name, List Names, Columns, and the CAML Query for the notification.

  • Section Name: This defines the Title of the section.
  • List Names: This property defines the Lists that are queried. It is possible to apply the same query to multiple Lists. For example, a section called “Overdue Work” may roll up overdue work from Tasks, Issues, Risks, and Actions, all in one section.
  • Columns: The Columns section defines which columns are displayed in the section. Each column has two values; the first value is the column’s internal name and second value is the display name that will be used in the notification email. The two values are separated by the special character “|”. FYI: The Columns section refers to the internal name of the column in the EPM Live List, which may be different than the name that is visible in the List (Display Name). To find the internal name of a column/field, see the section in this guide on Column Naming.
  • Query: This specifies the CAML query that is run against the Lists specified in the List Names section. The columns returned in the query are specified in the Columns section.

Note: Email sections can be added and removed and custom queries can also be configured to return additional information. If the query returns no data, the section is omitted from the Notification.

7. Run Notifications Now (Optional)

To send an immediate Notification email based on the above configuration, rather than waiting until the next instance of the selected time, click the Run Notifications Now button.

8. Click Save Notifications

When finished, click the Save Notifications button.



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