How do I configure the Active X portfolio cost views?

This article explains how to configure the Portfolio Cost Views.  This feature is rarely used, and left in the EPM Live product for legacy EPK customers only.

Note: This page requires an Active X control be installed. You should be prompted to download the Active X control when navigating to the Portfolio Cost Views page. If you aren't prompted, contact EPM Live Support for the Active X download. The users who will be viewing the Portfolio Cost Views will also need to download this Active X control.

1. Under Construction

Please note that this article is currently under construction. Stay tuned for more information.

2. Portfolio Cost Views

Within each Portfolio Cost View, the users can select which Cost Types data to show. The Portfolio Cost Views act like reports for viewing and comparing cost data.

3. Enable Portfolio Cost Views

Navigate to the List Settings page for which users will need Portfolio Cost Views.

3.1. Open PortfolioEngine Settings

Under the General Settings heading, select PortfolioEngine Settings (EPM Live).

3.2. Enable Portfolio Cost Views Feature

Check the box to enable Portfolio Cost Views. When enabled, the Portfolio Cost Views button will appear in the List ribbon tab. Users can toggle between the Grid view, the Gantt view, the Quick Edit view, and the Cost View.

4. Navigate to Portfolio Cost Views

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Cost Management heading, select Cost Views.

5. Add a New Cost View

Click Add.

5.1. Complete New Cost View Settings - General Tab

5.2. Complete New Cost View Settings - Fields Tab

5.3. Complete New Cost View Settings - Cost Types Tab

5.4. Complete New Cost View Settings - Sort/Grouping Tab

5.5. Complete New Cost View Settings - Filter Tab

6. Select an Existing Cost View to Modify

  1. Select a desired Cost View and click either Modify or Delete.

7. Navigate to the Cost View Mode

Navigate back to the List App. On the List Ribbon Tab, users will now be able to toggle between the regular (grid) view, the gantt view, and now also the Cost View.



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