How do I add Timesheet Periods?

This article will show you how to add and manage your Timesheet Periods.  Use this section to define your periods that will be reported against in the timesheets by your users. You will learn how to add new timesheet periods, delete timesheet periods, open and close periods, and view timesheets within a specific period.

1. Navigate to Timesheet Settings

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Timesheet Settings heading, select Timesheet Settings.

2. Add Timesheet Period

Click the Add Period link.

3. Select Period Start and End Dates

  1. Select your Period Start Date.  You can type it in or select via the calendar pop out.
  2. Select your Period End Date.  You can type it in or select via the calendar pop out.
  3. Click Add Period.

After Timesheet Periods are added, they cannot be modified, nor can they be re-ordered, so it is important to add them correctly in the correct order.  

4. Delete Period

If needed, click the Delete link to delete the last Period defined.  You can only delete the last Period. Do not delete a timesheet period after time has been entered on that period.  Otherwise, reporting may be incorrect.

5. Open/Close Period

To close a Timesheet Period, click the Close Link for that Period.  This will remove the ability for users to add time for that specific period.

To reopen a Timesheet Period, click the Open Link for that Period.

6. View Period Timesheets

Click the View Link to view all timesheets that are associated to the Period.

6.1. View Timesheet Flag Indicators

The Timesheet Manager approves the entire Timesheet, thus only one flag is needed at the Timesheet summary level. The Project Manager approves each task for the projects in the timesheet, therefore one flag per task is displayed. Below are the indicators for the flag colors:

  • Blue = New
  • White = Saved
  • Yellow = Submitted and waiting for approval
  • Green = Approved
  • Red = Rejected

7. Save and Close Timesheet Settings

When finished, click Save Settings.



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