How do I add custom fields the Microsoft Planner template?

When a project manager wants to use Microsoft Project as the scheduling tool for his/her project schedule, they launch Edit Plan. Immediately after they see the option to select the Project Planner of Microsoft Project. If they select the Microsoft Project Schedule option, the system will look into the Project Schedules Library, into the MS Project folder. If a project schedule with the name of his/her project exists in the folder, that schedule will open in Microsoft Project. If a project schedule with his/her project name does not exist in the folder, the options to select a blank schedule, select a template, or import an existing schedule will appear. This article covers the steps involved in adding custom fields to the blank mpp. file that is found on the Planner Templates page.

1. Navigate the the Planner Templates Page

  1. Click the Settings Gear.
  2. Under the Planner Settings heading, select the Planner Templates option.

2. Open the Microsoft Project Template

Open the Microsoft Project Template. This is the out=of-the-box blank Microsoft Project template that launches when no other template has been selected.

3. Insert Column

Right-click any column in the project schedule and select Insert Column. Select a Field Name that is being used and that matches your data type (i.e., Number, Text, etc.). This should match the internal name used in the Task Center List which was Text14 but renamed to Task Type in EPM Live.

4. Update Custom Field

  1. Right click in the Custom Field heading.
  2. Select Custom Fields from the menu options.

5. Select Lookup

Select the Lookup... box if applicable. If this is a plain text or number field, this step is not necessary.

5.1. Add Choices

  1. Add the desired choices.
  2. Click Close.

6. Rename the Field

  1. Click Rename..
  2. Click OK.

6.1. Add Display Name

  1. Add the Display Name used in the Task Center in EPM Live.
  2. Click OK.

7. OK

Click OK.

8. View Updated Name

View the updated Display Name.

9. Save Locally

Save the mpp. file locally (to your Desktop) and close Microsoft Project. If you want this to be available as an additional custom template, give it a new name.

10. Re-Upload the Template

From the Planner Templates page, re-Upload the saved Template. If this template was saved with a new name, save it to the MSProject folder.

11. Locate the Template

Click Browse to locate the Template saved locally.

12. Click OK

Click OK.

13. Save

Save. The uploaded template with the new custom field will now be available for all new Microsoft Projects going forward.



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