Appendix - PortfolioEngine Controls

This article provides the link to download the PortfolioEngine Controls.  The PortfolioEngine Controls only need to be downloaded if you will be using the Portfolio Cost Views. The PortfolioEngine Cost Views features is only for use by a few legacy customers who had it in much older versions of PortfolioEngine EPM Live.  If this is you, note the End Users who will be viewing the Portfolio Cost Views are also required to download the controls.  For the other Portfolio Tools (ex: Cost Planner, Resource Planner, Cost Analyzer, etc.), EPM Live recommends to use the Non Active-X version of those tools.  

Importing Costs

1. Download the Controls

Note:  These controls are only available for Internet Explorer.  The Cost View Pages that have the Active-X controls are not available on other browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, as those browsers do not support Active-X.

  • Auto-Prompt to Download the Controls: When you navigate to a page that requires the PortfolioEngine Controls, you should be prompted to download the controls (whether for the first time or to upgrade to a newer version, if available.
  • Manually Download the Controls: If you aren't prompted to download the Controls, contact Support.

2. Verify Installed PortfolioEngine Controls

Navigate to the Programs and Features page on your Control Panel.  The PortfolioEngine Client will be listed.  

Version Note: As of version 6.0 release, the current PortfolioEngine controls are version



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