Appendix - Changing a Project Name in Project Center

This article explains the best practices and considerations for changing a project name in EPM Live.  By default, the project name field is not editable.  If necessary, you may configure the Project Name field to be editable.  If doing so, note the following considerations and recommendations in this article.  

Note: EPM Live recommends that if you do make the Project Name field editable, configure it so that it is only editable by the administrators, rather than end users.  

1. Make the Project Name Editable

1.1. Navigate to Project Center List Settings

Navigate to Project Center.  

  1. On the View Toolbar, select the Settings Gear.

1.3. Open Manage Editable Fields (EPM Live)

Under the General Settings heading, select Manage Editable Fields (EPM Live).

1.4. Configure Editable Fields Settings

For each field in the List App, select for the following: On edit item, editable.

This setting ets whether or not a field will show up as editable when in edit mode (Edit Form and when the List App view is in Quick Edit Mode). Edit options: always, never or where certain criteria are met.

  1. Default setting: Never editable.
  2. New setting: Only editable where [Me] (the user logged in) is in the administrators security group.

Note: The settings configured on Manage Editable Fields is not applicable if you are using the Designer Forms.  If you are using Designer Forms, create an Edit form specifically for the Administrators that has the Project Name field editable, and leave the Edit form for all other users left as default.

1.4. Update Project Name


  1. Go to Project Center.
  2. Edit Project Item.
  3. Update to new name.


2. Project Schedule with Microsoft Project

Note: This section is not applicable if your organization is not using Microsoft Project for the project plans/schedules.

The project schedule file for Microsoft Project is linked to the project via the project name.  When the user selects Edit Plan for a project, and selects Microsoft Project as the planner, the EPM Live system looks to the Project Schedules library and looks for a Microsoft Project file with that project name.  If no file exists in that library with the same project name, the user will be prompted to open a plan rather than opening an existing plan.  Therefor, you must rename the project schedule file to the new project name.  

2.1. Navigate to Site Contents

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Under the Settings heading, select Site Contents.

2.2. Open Project Schedules Library

Click on the Project Schedules library title or icon to open the library.

2.3. Open MS Project Folder

Open the MSProject folder.

2.4. Note File Name

Note that the MS Project file name matches the original project name.  

2.5. Edit File Properties

  1. Click the ellipses (...) contextual menu.
  2. Click the secondary ellipses (...) contextual menu.
  3. Click Edit Properties.

2.6. Update Project File Name

  1. Update the Project schedule file name to the new project name.
  2. When finished, click Save.

2.7. Project File Updated

3. Project Team Security Groups

Note: This section is not applicable if your organization is not using the Build Team (Edit Team) feature.

When Build Team is in use, when you change a project name, the project team group names will NOT change.  For example, if Project Red gets changed to Project Blue, the permission groups for Project Blue will be Project Red Owner, Project Red Member, and Project Red Visitor.  The groups (and the team who has been added to the groups) will remain connected to the project, even with the new name.  You may manually update the groups' settings to new names such as Project Blue Owner, Project Blue Member, and Project Blue Visitor, if desired.  

3.1. Original Project Team Groups

3.2. New Project Team Groups

4. Timesheet Hours

Note: This section is not applicable if your organization is not using the Timesheets feature.

With regards to timesheet hours, there are no additional changes or configuration to be made when a project name changes.  Rather, this is to inform you how the timesheet data will show in the database and reports when a project name changes.  The time is tracked per project, based on the project name.  Therefore when a project name changes, the timesheet hours will show as if they project were for two separate projects - one with the original name, and one with the new name.


5. Project Workspace

When a connected workspace is created for a project, the workspace title will be the project name. Also, the URL will be the project name. In the project form, there is a hidden field called "Workspace URL" that gets populated when a connected workspace is created. If you change the name of the project, the Workspace URL and title will not change. So, even after the project name changes, the workspace and project item are still tied together.

There is a hidden field in Project Center called Workspace URL. When a new workspace is created for a project, the field is populated with the URL. When the project name changes, the workspace URL itself does not change automatically, nor does the Workspace URL field in Project Center. So, in the ongoing example, the associated workspace for Project Red would be siteURL/projectred and the title of the workspace would be Project Red. If the project name changes to Project Blue, the site name remains the same as does the site URL. If desired, you may navigate to the workspace and update the site title to the new project name. However, do not update the site URL unless you complete all of the following steps:

5.1 To update the site URL for the project workspace:

  1. Open the EPM Live List Editor tool (available for download. Refer to the article in this Admin Guide for more information about the List Editor). Open the Project Center list. Select the field Workspace URL and change its settings so that the field is not hidden. Save your changes.
  2. Go back to EPM Live. Navigate to the project workspace. Open the Title and Logo page (Under Look & Feel heading). Update the site Title to the new project name. Update the URL name to the new project name (i.e. from /projectred to /projectblue).
  3. Navigate back to the top level site. Go to the Project Center list settings.
  4. Open Manage Editable Fields. Update the Project Workspace URL to be visible and editable as follows:
  • On new item, display field: Never
  • On display item, display field: You may choose to have it display as desired
  • On edit item, display field: Where [Me] is in group Administrators
  • On edit item, editable: Where [Me] is in group Administrators

    5.  Open project edit form. Edit the Workspace URL field to be the newly changed URL.



Original workspace Title & URL:

After the change is made to the workspace Title & URL:


6. Project Tasks Associated to the Project

In Task Center, the tasks will be associated to the Project via the project's ID.  When the project name is changed, in order to correctly reflect the new name for each task, launch the project plan (whether using the Project Planner or Microsoft Project).  Re-publish the plan, which will update each task's lookup to the project field and will update the project name. 

7. Associated Issues, Risks, Changes, etc. to the Project

For any items associated to the project from other lists (i.e. Issues, Risks, Changes, etc.), you must either edit & save the individual items, or you may run a Refresh on the list.

7.1 Run a List Refresh

The List Refresh systematically opens each item in edit mode & saves each item, thus refreshing each field value. This will update the Project lookup field for each applicable item in that list to the new project name.

  1. Navigate to the list (i.e. Issues, Risks, etc.)
  2. On the List ribbon, click Refresh Items. It may take a few seconds or few minutes to complete, depending on the size of the list content.





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