List View Reports - Risk Reports

These reports are the out of the box reports available in the standard site collection within the Risks Category in the Classic Report List. This article covers the different Risk reports available in EPM Live.

Please note: Your site may appear differently as it may include new or custom reports.

View the Risks List Reports

  • View the list of reports available under the Risks heading. To view a specific report, click the title of the report.

Note: The user will only see data that they have access to when viewing any of the Risks List Reports.

All Active Risks

  • The All Active Risks report will display all risks that have the status of: "Not  Started", "In Progress", "Deferred", or "Waiting on Someone else". Completed risks will not be displayed in this view.

All Completed Risks

  • The All Completed Risks report will display all risks with the "Completed" status.

All My Risks

  • View All My Risks report. This report will display all the risks where the "Assigned To" is equal to "Me", or "Owner" is equal to "Me", or the "Created By" is equal to "Me".

All Risks

  • View the All Risks report. This report displays all risks that have been added to the system.

Risk Dashboard

  • View the Risk Dashboard. Show all of the items in this view, or display a subset of the items by using filters. Filters provide the ability to select the state (propsed, active, or closed) and title(s). Filters are particularly important for lists containing 5,000 or more items because they allow you to work with large lists more efficiently.



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