EPM Live Analytics - Timesheets Reports

This chapter covers the Timesheet reports within EPM Live Analytics.

Report Categories in EPM Live Analytics

  • View the report categories in EPM Live Analytics.

Less Than 40 Hours

  • View the Less Than 40 Hours report.

Timesheet Approvals

  • View the Timesheet Approvals report.

Timesheet Audit Trail

  • View the Timesheet Audit Trail report.

Timesheet Detailed Project Task

  • View the Timesheet Detailed Project Task report.

Timesheet Details

  • View the Timesheet Details report. Use the filters to filter for specific departments, resource names, and list type.

Timesheet Hours by Departments

  • View the Timesheet Hours by Departments report.

Department Hours Breakdown

  • View the Department Hours Breakdown.

Timesheet Hours by Projects

  • View the Timesheet Hours by Projects report.

Hours by Project Drilldown

  • View the Hours by Project Drilldown section of the report.

Timesheet Hours by Resources

  • View the Timesheet Hours by Resources report.

How Hours are Split between Resources

  • View hours are split between resources.

Timesheet List

  • View the Timesheet List report.

Timesheet Productivity Details

  • View the Timesheet Productivity Details report.

Timesheet Report by Task

  • View the Timesheet Report by Task report.



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