How do I create a Dashboard?

This article explains how to create a new Dashboard Report in Analytics.  A dashboard is a compilation of report parts from the other Analytics reports in your site.  

Preparation - In order to build a dashboard, you need to know which reports, and which specific parts from those reports, you want us show in the dashboard.  It is recommended to make a list ahead of time or have another browser open showing the report(s) that you want to reference for the dashboard.

Navigate to the Analytics Reports Page

  1. On the navigation menu, select Reports to open the Business Intelligence Center.
  2. Click Analytics.

Select New Dashboard

On the New drop down menu, select Dashboard.

Add Report Parts

You may add up to 11 report parts to a dashboard.  For each part, you set the following:

  1. Title: Enter a title for this report part.
  2. Report: Select one of the Analytics report, from which you will reference a report part.
  3. Records: Set the records limit.  You may choose All (No scroll bar), All, or increments of 1-100.
  4. Report Part: Select the report part to show.  All available parts in each selected report will be show (ex: table, chart, chart2, summary, etc.)

Share With - Dashboard Permissions

  • Within each Analytics report, in the report designer, the report creator may choose the level of access to others.  These are the options.

Share With:

  • Note: You may select two levels to share each report.
  • Report Writers: Resources who have the Reports Writers permission selected in the Resource Pool
  • Report Viewers: Resources who have the Reports Viewers permission selected in the Resource Pool
  • Everyone: all users in EPM Live


  • Full Access: Can view, modify, and save changes
  • Read Only: Can add or remove filters, and Save As
  • View Only: Can view, but not modify or save
  • Locked: Can view and modify existing filters
  • None: Report is hidden

Save Report

  1. Click the Save or Save As icon.
  2. Enter the report name.
  3. Select an existing report category or create a new report category.
  4. When finished, click OK.


At any point in time during the dashboard creation and editing process, you may view a preview of the dashboard in progress.  

Dashboard Filters

Any filter(s) that exist in EVERY report from which you have a referenced report part will show automatically in the dashboard.



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